You Can Maintain Your Club Without Paperwork

Dear Coaches,

I still remember those days when I’d rush from my office to get to track practice in time to sign up athletes for upcoming track meets.

As club coordinator, it was my job to make sure each person was signed up for their individual events and relays in time. Then I’d hand over the information to another volunteer to be officially entered for the meet.

I had a clip board, pen, and stack of sign-up sheets. As I filled out each athlete’s name and checked the boxes next to the events they were to compete in, I remember thinking…there’s got to be an easier way.

Where athletes, parents, and coaches wouldn’t have to stay later after practice. And where registering and sign-up wouldn’t require so much paperwork.

Now, a few years later… I no longer show up after track practices with a clipboard and pen. I don’t go through pages of events, checking boxes and writing the names of the athletes’ competing.

I no longer receive last minute phone calls from parents who were unable to sign up or register their children at practice. Or who want to last minute change their events.

No, I didn’t pass that job to someone else. I am still club coordinator and glad to be so. But my job is much easier now.

Because now, everything that required paperwork and phone calls…is done online.

Internet Versus Paper

When I used to sign up athletes for meets after practices, I wondered if any track or swim clubs had ever considered creating an online application that provided a way to take care of many of the tasks it takes to run and coordinate a sports club.

Something, where parents could register their children as club members, and sign them up for events and meets at their own convenience.

I thought, it would be nice, if coaches could set up event pages, payment, and a club store all online instead of manually.

Being a long time computer analyst, I decided to change this. I decided it was time someone came up with an application that would replace manual registration and sign-ups.

So I went to work…and created Club Membership.

A Way Made Convenient for Coaches and Parents

And now…the track club I once used to show up after practice for, has their own custom designed membership application that takes care of what I and other volunteers used to do to help run the club.

Instead of marking down events individually for every athlete, all I do is create the meets on the sign-up page.

Parents now can sign up their kids in a much less time consuming way. And if athletes change their mind on a certain event…instead of having to make a phone call right before it’s too late…it only takes a click to change.

Because of Club Membership, meetings after track practices aren’t held longer than they should be. And all the details that are required for sign-up and registering athletes…such as:

And much more…are organized in our club application. No pen, clipboard, or paper required!

You Could Use a Break

The exciting part… is our track club is not the only to benefit from the many advantages of Club Membership.

When I designed this application, I did so, hoping to help make other coaches’ and club coordinators’ jobs easier as well. And now, more track and field and even swim clubs are discovering Club Membership…and how nice it is to run their club without paperwork.

As head of your club, you understand all the work it takes to run it so it is the best it can be.

Providing the right coaching so your athletes will be pushed to perform to the best of their ability, is only one of those many tasks you are in charge of.

You’re well aware of all the paperwork, phone calls, and emails you go through just to function your track or swim club.

Perhaps you don’t even have volunteers to help you with this. Maybe you are trying to do this all on your own.

Well… at Club Membership, we believe you could use a break.

Having your own online application to sign up your athletes for meets and events…and register to the club, will give you this break.

You’ll be amazed at the time you’ll save for yourself, your athletes, and their parents!

You won’t have to get out a clipboard, or read through countless emails of sign-up information. Parents at their own convenient time will be able to access their account to your club application and sign up their children without having to stay late after practice.

With Club Membership’s help, you can set up your club application quickly and easily, so you need not spend any more time with paperwork. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

30 Day FREE Trial

Because we believe we can help make your job as head of your sport’s club easier…

We are giving you 30 days to try out Club Membership and to discover for yourself, the advantages and convenience of this online application—without having to spend a penny! (No credit card information required!)

You’ll have complete access to your application as you explore its features and learn how to…

All without paperwork.

After your 30 day trial…you can continue using your club application for only $50 for a one year subscription. That’s less than $5 a month!

If you are not satisfied with Club Membership after your 30 day trial, you don’t have to continue and won’t be charged a thing.

So, don’t wait. You don’t have to put up with the hassle of manual sign up and registration any longer.

Club Membership will take care of that for you.

No Software Required


When you do set up your own club application…you won’t need to worry about downloading anything. Because Club Membership is an online application, no software or downloads and updates are required.

Software applications take up room on your computer.

With Club Membership all that is needed, is a device with internet access. You’ll be able to use your club application at the office…in your home…or on the go with your smart phone.

You won’t need to worry about losing any of your information or data, since it is backed up daily!

You won’t have to worry about your information being hacked or stolen. Club Membership is created with the same (SSL) encryption that is used by online banking—to make sure all your info and data is kept secure.

Begin Your 30 Day Trial Now

I want you to be able to avoid paperwork and last minute phone calls as I do now.

Remember…you have 30 FREE days to try out Club Membership and see if it really is what you are looking for.


Before you do…Club Membership has put together a sample site to show you how the application works. Take a look at it for yourself…as a peek at how much time and hassle you can save.

I am so glad I decided to create this application…Club Membership has taken care of so many tasks that used to take up more time than it ought.

Discover the advantage of having an online sign-up and registration now. You won’t have to deal with paperwork again.


Brian Zimmerman
BlacT Software

P.S. All payment…including club store and registration can be done through PayPal or manual. Your choice!

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